Coaching is sublime work! If done well, it becomes the key to reviving humanity.

Yet, those who practice coaching without deep training and a real sense of accountability can smother the humanity of a person under a weak imitation of what they think is coaching, and what is worse is that the negative impact extends to everyone around the person and then to everyone around them endlessly in a butterfly effect.

Samer Hassan, MCC

At Kun Coaching AcademyWhether you need to learn to coach or develop yourself as a coach, our mission is to help you embody presence-based coaching with humanity in a way that enables you to revive people’s humanity. You can join a complete educational journey to build professional individual coaches and grow your services with a group coach and organisational coach training, or join mentoring programs and retreats to hone your coaching skills. You are more than welcome here whether you are a graduate of our academy or a graduate of other coaching schools.

You are here, Because you want to help people honestly and professionally and realize that an outstanding coach must be an authentic human being.

Somatic Thinking Coach Education Journey

In our world, the outstanding coach = an authentic human being.

The coach will not be able to coach masterfully without embodying the coaching core competencies within the roots of oneself.

Somatic Thinking coaching smoothly activates knowledge and raises self and life awareness beyond the limits of objectives and challenges, It highlights personal and professional obstacles that were not previously apparent, Making Somatic Thinking coaching highly effective both as a change catalyst and to deal with change in record time and sustainable results.

One of the advantages of this methodology is that it is designed to be in harmony with all human beliefs in addition to its accreditation by the International Coaching Federation ICF, the world’s largest accreditation body for coaching methodologies.

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Coach, development, retreats, and programs

If you’re a coach who wants to Develop yourself, Welcome aboard! Whether you graduate from our academy or from any accredited coaching school around the world, We want to develop the coaching profession and revive the humanity of people through you. Kun Coaching Academy offers you:

  • Coach developmental retreats in captivating natural places enable coaches from different schools to hone their skills with focus and quality in addition to expanding their awareness of different coaching methodologies.
  • Special courses for the professional coach who wants to develop himself by studying the Somatic Thinking methodology following a fast track without studying coaching again.
  • Organisational coaching program for ambitious coaches who want to work professionally with executives, leaders, teams, parents and spouses.
  • Group coaching program because the natural evolution of a professional individual coach is to work with groups.

Featured Retreats & Programs

Coach Mentoring

Group and individual mentoring packages with PCC and MCC coaches to prepare to upgrade your ICF accreditation from ACC to PCC and to MCC

I can say that the best decision I have made in recent years. A journey of self-discovery and discovery of the world around me. Through Somatic Thinking, I was able to get to know my body more.

I learned coaching with one of the most powerful methodologies in the world and witnessed the powerful impact it creates on the lives of beneficiaries.

Thank you Samer from the bottom of my heart

Mohamed Issa

A journey of self-awareness and knowledge, which I cannot describe in a few words because it simply changed a lot in me, made me delve into myself and understand the meaning of balance in everything such as internal balance and balance in my relationships.

Rasha Salem

My journey with Kun Academy and Somatic Thinking is a journey that I summarize in a sentence (and whoever learns himself obtains the utmost goodness) I reconciled with myself and the world with all its pain and comfort, I understood that I am active and not passive in my life I am the starting point and the beginning always comes from within. Grateful for the methodology and its founder, coach Samer Hassan.

Rola Ahmed Shami
The trip of a lifetime

One of my most beautiful trips in life I learned myself and how to understand it so I learned about life and what is in it

I realized that my life is a beautiful journey that I should take advantage of and enjoy every moment of it

Learn coaching especially with Somatic thinking

made me wish to explore everything in my life

Live life in all its details

Ruba Omar Hammad
My journey with Kun and the Somatic Thinking methodology has been and still is a treasure, A Journey of Expansion – Renewal – Growth
A journey to shed light on strengths, and weakness
Illuminate the darkness, To widen the circle of light

A journey of fullness

The Somatic Thinking methodology develops consciousness in a compassionate and tidy manner

My attention to my body for me was the biggest gem that existed within this treasure.

Mishkat Mirghani

Kun presents coaching as a humane message before being just a profession, Therefore, it is concerned with human cultivation first before building coaches. I am honoured to be one of the trees that were planted in this school.

Hussein Ali
On the Kun journey:

I found myself, Strength Trust Worth, Authenticity and my real destiny

I found the point (zero) that brought me back to my humanity from which I started my first step with confidence.

I found the “Kun Message” as a map that helps me progress and move in life.

I found mercy that overwhelms me and my family and all my clients.

Ahdab Hassan

A life-changing journey, as it was not just a course that I participated in, but it was the beginning of a new path in my life, it changed my perspective of myself and the world around me, and it changed my relationship with myself and others, I learned to live with quality and presence, and I knew many meanings of humanity that were not in my vocabulary before.

Yomna al, Hattab

Coaching is a way of thinking and a lifestyle it is not just a career.