Kun's Mission

On transformative journeys, we guide individuals and organizations to surpass their potential through the enchanting power of authentic human connection.
Our unique ICF-accredited coaching mythology, Somatic Thinking, ignites holistic development. Crafting immersive training experiences and special events, we foster genuine connections, fortifying communities and driving tangible positive outcomes. Navigating the evolving business landscape, we do so with purpose and impact.

Kun's Vision

Building communities that embrace humanity, where authenticity and genuine connections empower individuals and societies to reach new heights.

Every interaction becomes a catalyst for shared growth, weaving a tapestry of enriched lives through inspiration, support, and the celebration of diversity.

Our Values



To activate our values (presence, authenticity, Ihsan and connection), we need a safe companionship free from judgments and justifications that enables us to live by our values comfortably and being ourselves every time in every place. We work with our clients to build and activate such companionship between us as well as activate it as a value within their own communities.



The connection and interdependence of all creatures is the prevailing law that governs everything that happens with a person in one’s life. We work with our clients in a holistic manner because we believe that personal and professional matters are interrelated and interdependent. It is impossible to deal with one part of a human without affecting the rest!



An ancient Arabic concept that roughly translates in English to devotion-in-action, Ihsan is when you do something from the heart with passion and mastery for the satisfaction that you feel from doing it and not for the sake of the results. We work with our clients with Ihsan as our reward in itself and not just as means for future gain.



The basis of authentic interaction is to allow the mind and body to express the same message without contradiction. We keep the value of authenticity in mind in our dealings with ourselves, our communities and our clients.



An innate ability possessed by all creatures and the foundation of every skill acquired. In order to learn and live fully we need to be able to observe ourselves, our surroundings, and our interaction with life in the moment. We strive to be present with what happens as it happens without prejudice.

All the arts that symbolises our values are Arabic calligraphy and the gift of the amazing artist Rana Chalabi

Kun’s Management

Kun’s Associates

We are joined at Kun by a strong network of associate coaches to bring you the very best training and growth. Each associate coach is certified by KUN and by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or an equivalent reputable coaching governing body such as the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) or the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

Not only do our coaches have the necessary training and certification to bring about growth to individuals, leaders and organisations, but they also bring with them decades of professional experience and leadership in international organisations to better understand the real concerns of leaders, teams, and individuals in today’s global marketplace.

Kun’s Clients


سامر من كن كوتشينج يدمج تطوير العقل والجسم والروح بأناقة بسيطة. وهو يعتمد على معرفته المتعمقة بالعديد من الفلسفات القديمة، وجلب القوة والرحمة في خدمته للآخرين

Ian Matheson, Secretariat of the Board of Directors of Dirtriassuri in Canada

Samer from Kun delivered a wonderful workshop on Somatic Thinking at the ICF Poland Conference in Warsaw. The quality of his presence, the energy radiating from him was outstanding. His way of presentation was clear and insightful.

Magdalena Giec, Ericsson Certified Professional Coach, PCC, MBA, POLAND Master of Business Administration, Poland

Samer from Kun Coaching provides a deep and creative perspective on the purpose of coaching. He digs thoroughly to illuminate the roots of the matter, He then offers simple but impactful exercises to tackle them. His remarks and questions are very deep and compassionate. Coachingwas a great experience for me.”

Evan Fenton, Retired Canadian Forces Officer

This was more than the gaining of knowledge; it offered me actual experiences. It is more like going on an adventure, then going to a workshop. I am very grateful for this amazing experience. Thank You!”

Laura Hakala,, Stress Management and Addictions Counsellor, Thunder Bay, Canada

I have worked with Samer from Kun Coaching and I cannot say enough about the quality of his coaching skills and his inherent ability to delve into the issues at hand. Thanks to its calm nature and its level of education and knowledge, A person is confident when he trains in his hands. I have and will continue to recommend it

Mona Lahham, HR Manager

Thank you Kun Coaching for providing us with an excellent workshop the evaluation feedback was extremely positive, 93% of the participants felt that they will be able to apply the learning to their work and 100% would recommend this workshop to others.

LINDA SEARSON,, Planning and Coordination Division, Public Health Agency of Canada

سامر وتدريبه يساعد أي محترف أعمال على الوصول إلى آفاق أكبر. وسوف تطلق تلك الروح الريادية. أنا أوصي بشدة وخاصة لأولئك الذين لا يريدون شيئا سوى الأفضل

Sebastian Charles, Master of Business Administration, Coalition Provisional Authority, Capital Market Authority, Trusted Business Advisor

A great workshop at King Abdullah Economic City, targeting selected employees with high potential in Emaar, the Economic city, showing a high energy level, engagement and the ability to guide the participants to teach the techniques of coaching and developing people.

FIRAS FAIRAK,, Talent Development Assistant Manager at Emaar Economic City