I  have just learned that I have obtained an MCC level, which is known to be the highest level of accreditation in the coaching world that is granted by the highest coaching organisation in the world the ICF (International Coach Federation)!

It was very surreal when I received the MCC certificate. as if I have forgotten the amount of soul searching and work that it took me to meet the quality and the standards of the MCC credential.

The first thought I had was,  so what? What does that truly mean to me?

In an effort to answer, I accessed the ICF credentialed coach finder, which contains the database of all the accredited coaches worldwide and this is what I learned:

  • I am the only native Arabic speaker worldwide who obtained the MCC (Master Certified Coach), the highest credential level by the ICF.
  • I am one of the only 20 MCC coaches who operate in the MiddleEast, Gulf region, and Africa.
  • I am one of 751 MCC coaches from a total of 15870 accredited coaches worldwide.

Wow, 15870 people are on the path of coaching, the path of profound communication, authenticity and constant transformation.

Only then it hit me, IT IS A BIG DEAL!

I am NOT ALONE! Not only that I belong to this path, with these special people and I have been acknowledged by them as one of the few who is at the forefront of their path.

If you are a coach or in the process of becoming one, you will know by now that you can’t DO the coach you have to BE the coach. What I mean is that you can’t gain real coaching skills without profound transformations in the core of your being.

It is not surreal anymore!

What an honor and more importantly what a feeling. To feel acknowledged for who am I at the core of my being! To be good at what I do by embracing who I am is to me the utmost reason for celebration.




Thank you for being ICF