Activate your physical and emotional awareness as an asset to support your mental processing and decision making

Somatic Thinking™ is an innovative coaching methodology and a coaching school for individuals and professionals with the passion to help others through coaching.

15 years’ experience helping people achieve a more balanced and productive life, helped the founder of the Somatic Thinking approach, realize that the most effective way to bring about transformative change in a short period of time is to help people realize the connection between their way of thinking and their physical behavior and the goals and challenges that they are facing. This realization has led to the creation of the Somatic Thinking Coaching approach.

Somatic Thinking Coaching is: Partnering with clients in highlighting the mind-body-goal-challenge connection that promotes constant awareness and inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

The mind-body-challenge-goal connection in the Somatic Thinking™ work reinforces training, brings constant awareness, and highlights blocks that were previously hidden it can address personal and professional issues. The results are quick and long-lasting, which makes this a powerful form of situational or transitional coaching.


  • Overcome unconscious blocks in various situations (to clearly see solutions)

  • Improve emotional awareness and balance (to better manage life and work)

  • Achieve peak performance (to make sustained progress in life and career)

  • Increase the ability to tolerate stress and resolve conflicts (to stay clear-headed in any situation)

  • Optimise access to creativity and promotes overall well-being (to recharge and re-energise on a continual basis)

Somatic Thinking™ offers highly effective coaching based on the most advanced discoveries in brain research along with holistic Eastern philosophies. We work simultaneously with people’s cognitive capacity and physical patterns for lasting results in a short time.


The Somatic Thinking™ Coaching Methodology works on reprogramming the sensory system in the human body to increase its ability to receive and process real-time information, stress, and emotions. This way of coaching dissolves emotions and mental patterns that inhibit performance, productivity, and fulfillment.

For example, imagine a traditional coach using traditional methods. A great comparison would be a doctor using x-rays to diagnose a patient. (An effective diagnostic tool for skeletal injuries)

However, when you compare that basic x-ray to a detailed MRI—which reveals the condition of internal organs, soft tissue, and bones—you’ll see how limited the x-ray view is.

X-Ray Image

X-ray Image

MRI Image

MRI Image

Somatic Thinking™ coaches can see and interpret a vast amount of data about their clients, which results in a more holistic and complete transformation than mere traditional coaching.

What Does a Somatic Thinking™ Coaching Session Look Like?

All of this invaluable clarity happens within just 1 to 2 sessions, allowing the rest of the coaching to focus on your growth.


The duration of each session varies from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the topic. One of the powerful features of the Somatic Thinking™ method that the coaching session, can be done in-person (face-to-face) and online through video conferencing without limiting the gained results.

This is an example for a one-hour session:


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