Leadership for Children and Youth

A program designed to help children and youth gain emotional balance, communication skills, and social awareness. The building blocks to great communicators, speakers, and leaders


Social awarenes
Emotional awareness
Expression, to express oneself fully and with clarity
Determination in setting goals and achieving them
Sports & Martial arts foundation and practice


  • Self confidence

  • Anger management
  • Overcoming fears

  • Emotional balance

  • Listening abilities

  • Ability to express oneself

  • Ability to speak in public

  • Concentration

  • Attentiveness

  • Goal setting & critical thinking skills

  • Sense of responsibility

  • Discipline

  • Physical fitness

  • Mind-body alignment



The duration of each session is 60 minutes.



This program consists of a 3 offerings:

In this phase of the program, we use gamification, fitness and martial arts elements to introduce SEEDS core skills (I.e. presence, profound listening, etc.) to children and youth. This approach helps children to have minimal resistance and learn with a practical, intuitive and enjoyable way.

Time Investment: 

10 session / 1 hour per session / 1-to-2 sessions a week

Participation Fee: 

150 Euro per session

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”

Mahatma Gandhi

In this phase of the program, we practice, practice and practice to embody a deeper level of SEEDS skills using a more advanced level of fitness and martial arts discipline, yet without letting go the fun of the gamification.

Time Investment: 

1-to-2 sessions a week/ 1 hour per session

Participation Fee: 

Depending on the offered package between 10 to 15 Euro per session.

“Introducing parents to the same core skills that their children have developed,  will ensure full integration and lasting change”

The main challenges that your child faces after learning new skills in general are:

  • When the parents are not engaging nor encouraging the development of these skills
  • Lack of practice

Such challenges will usually lead to losing the learned skills!

For that reason, we encourage parents to participate in one of SEEDS-Adults Edition workshops. It is a 3 hours workshop usually on a weekend that is designed to help parents and teachers learn and practice SEEDS skills in a short time.

Read more about SEEDS Adults Edition


For more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Inf0@KunAcademy.com | or call Samer: +39 391 3879109

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Samer Hassan
Samer HassanProfessional Certified Coach
Samer Hassan Is an expert in providing top-notch, highly experiential and holistic human optimisation programs. He is certified as a Master coach by the international coach federation ICF the leading global organization in the coaching world. Learn more

Though he’s studied all the major theories of expanding human potential, he’s discovered the quickest and most powerful route to profound transformation is through the mind-body connection. (Perhaps this awareness can be explained in part to his 30-year dedication to learning and teaching martial arts.)

This realization of the mind-body connection as a fast track to profound transformation led Hassan to develop to his own experiential coaching methodology, Somatic Thinking™.

Using this ground-breaking methodology to give individuals and teams a deep, instant understanding of new concepts brings about powerful transformations for Hassan’s clients. He is in demand as a thought leader, speaker, facilitator, coach, and consultant on the subject of realising the full human potential in individuals and global organizations.

Personally, Samer is a husband and a happy father of two. Lives the life of a traveling dervish. Meeting people from all walks of life. Traveling from one place to another working with, learning from and teaching. Crossing cultures, traditions and beliefs. Nothing makes him happier than having a profound conversation with an open-heart person. He loves martial arts, all kind of food, nature, and people.

November 2017


  This is the story of a journey that I am currently on. It started with my concerns as a parent and led me to an ongoing journey that connected my past as a martial arts teacher, to my present as a father and a professional leadership coach, to my future as a catalyst to bring about a brighter future, through transforming the family culture, one family at a time. If you are a parent, this story will definitely interest you. If you are a coach, you may find the step-by-step process that I used to create a culture transformation program interesting.

September 2017


SEEDS | Leadership for children and Youth. A program designed to help children and youth gain emotional balance, communication skills, and social awareness. The building blocks to great communicators, speakers, and leaders...

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