Organisations operating in the Middle East, Africa and Europe rely on Kun for leadership development of top managers and executives as well as coaching programs for internal teams.

Our programs are specifically designed to meet global standards of business with deep intercultural understanding.

Because we focus on experiential training rather than impractical lectures that don’t engage the audience, participants come away with practical tools they can use right away to improve their job performance. First comes the experience, and then comes the theory behind it.

This training is especially vital for employees who come to work in Africa or the Middle East from other countries as well as local employees who need a global mindset to accomplish their duties.

From a pre-training evaluation, to delivery of targeted coaching, to regular follow-up to revisit and reinforce teachings, corporations partner with us to guarantee maximum performance in their Middle East and African divisions.

“participated at a workshop on Coaching skills, it was highly engaging sessions to equip us with practical tools for improvements and how to apply them. I found Samer a highly qualified person and  knowledgeable on the subject and the culture – and that is a winning formula. Thank you Samer and I’m looking forward to the next workshop.”

Fade Hamameh, Senior Manager Marketing at Emaar, The Economic City, Saudi Arabia


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