While we have studied the major theories around personal growth and achievement in depth, our coaching
with individuals features hands-on, step-by-step training to make healthy changes in your life and career.

As with our corporate training, we focus first on practical experience and tools and then on the theories behind them.

This unique approach to training provides faster learning, greater confidence in making personal change, and a strong mind-body connection that accelerates goal achievement.

A variety of courses, workshops and personal coaching are delivered live, online or hybrid of both to meet the individual’s needs for personal growth and goal achievement. In addition, we train and certify coaches on these methods through our Kun Academy programs.

“I have worked with Samer and I can’t say enough about the quality of his coaching skills and his authentic ability to dig deep into the issues at hand. His calming nature mixed with his knowledge and education is very assuring when being coached.
I have and would continue recommending him”

Mona Laham, Human Resources Manager


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