CMG is for coaches in transition between credentials.

  • Are you looking to advance and enrich your coaching skills?
  • Are you looking to apply for your first ICF credential?
  • Are you renewing your existing ICF credential?
  • Are you seeking your next level of ICF credential?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you will need 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months, and if you need powerful results you will need to be mentored by a powerful coach with the highest ICF credential possible MCC.

Join a small selected group of coaches for 7 group mentoring sessions, 1 session every other week, 2 hours per session. Followed by 3 individual mentoring sessions with an ICF Master Certified Coach MCC to catapult your coaching skills to the next level.

In this program, Somatic Thinking founder Samer Hassan, will share with you how to transform your physical and emotional awareness into a valuable asset in coaching.

Building a robust presence through Somatic Thinking will allow you to empower your clients and employees to change their stories, have effortless coaching sessions and boost your coaching skills to a mastery level. Read the ICF article Building a robust presence 

If you are a Coach with a PCC or an MCC credential, or you are in the process of becoming one. A successful Leader who believes in the power of coaching and want to evolve your management style by empowering people through coaching.

You most probably know by now that you can’t “DO the coach”, you have to “BE the coach”. Each client or employee you coach is a unique individual who requires the coach to have a state of being that is attentive and present enough, to be able to navigate the person’s universe of individuality and uniqueness. This state of being is what we call presence, which is the core of every other coaching skill.

You wouldn’t be able to listen profoundly to what a person is communicating without presence. You wouldn’t be able to partner with the person, nor to ask powerful open questions without presence. It is safe to say that without profound listening, partnering and open questioning, the coaching conversation will transform into something else, that is not coaching. If you would like, listen to this 10 minutes recording of a coaching session by an MCC as an example for robust presence

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In this program, you will…

  • Connect with like-minded people and have meaningful conversations.
  • Discover a deeper understanding of coaching and the real meaning of trust and partnership in coaching.
  • Deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness of the 11 coaching core competencies.
  • Understand the subtle qualities that differentiate an experienced powerful coach from any other coach.
  • learn and practice the pillars of robust presence :clear Intention, free mind, heart intelligence and active physical awareness.
  • Learn to listen to what your client is expressing verbally and non-verbally.
  • Practice profound questioning using clean language and the curiosity of the child.
  • Learn sharing observations and intuitions with care and compassion and without leading nor teaching.
  • Receive 3 individual mentoring sessions within three months prior the 7th group coaching session.
  • Receive a detailed coaching core competencies assessment report that will reflect your skill level and your future developmental areas.
  • Earn 22 CCE unites that can be used towards your required 10 hours of mentor coaching sessions, and/or toward the 40 CCE requirement to renew your ICF credential! If you will choose not to receive the 3 individual mentoring sessions you will earn 19 CCEUs instead of 22.

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