Do your leaders know how to shape and run team events that inspire accountability, alignment, and learning? Kun’s Facilitation Intelligence (FQ) Program equips leaders, trainers, and coaches to moderate group interactions for maximum success.

Facilitation counts as one of the most important sets of skills for leaders, trainers and group coaches. These are the skills used to guide and direct working and learning events with groups of people such as meetings, planning sessions, presentations, and training.

While a specific group of people might set the agenda and figure out the goals, one person need to concentrate on moving through the agenda and meeting those goals effectively. This person is the facilitator.

(If you’ve ever attended a group training session that felt like a huge waste of time or got wildly off-topic, then you understand the importance of a strong facilitator.)

Our experiential training in Facilitation Intelligence (FQ) reveals how to :

  • Increase your presence and be better equipped to speak in public (help for timid leaders)
  • Prepare for an interactive group event (a checklist for success)
  • Create experiential learning events (for maximum creativity and productivity in your groups)
  • Use Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in facilitation (tap into unspoken needs of the audience)
  • Understand Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICQ) in facilitation (a must for global organisations)
  • Integrate coaching skills in facilitation (to promote continuous professional growth among attendees)
  • Offer constructive feedback (essential for guiding groups to peak performance)
  • Design and facilitate group practices to learn new skills (quickly get your staff up to speed)
  • Handle difficult participants in facilitation (so they don’t take control of your meeting)
  • Understand your individual challenges around facilitation (self-awareness of the facilitator leads to better results for the group)

As with all our coaching, training, and facilitation services, we can customise this program to meet your organisation’s needs.


to discover how to train your in-house staff
to facilitate your meetings, planning
sessions, presentations, and trainings.