The key factor which differentiates one organisation from another is culture. Yet organisations don’t on their own possess a culture. People create, exhibit, and transform a culture within an organisation.

Your culture reflects the values and beliefs of current leaders and the institutional legacy of the values of past leaders, which are embedded in the structures, policies, systems, procedures, and incentives of the organisation.

Just like your own personal culture defines who you are and what you stand for, an organisational culture illustrates what your organisation is and what it stands for. Vibrant cultures are values-driven, mission-focused, and vision-guided. These dynamic organisations showcase high levels of values alignment and low levels of cultural entropy.

Vibrant cultures demonstrate high levels of performance because they foster internal cohesion, attract talented people, and inspire employees to outperform the competition.

The leaders of such organisations practice values-based leadership and care about the well-being of their employees.

Does the culture we just described reflect your organisation? If not, there could be a variety of factors at play that point to the need for Culture Transformation:

  • Change of Leadership within an Organisation, Division, or Team
  • Operational or Organisational Change, such as a Merger, Joint Venture, Physical Transformation, or Economic Challenge
  • Change of Organisation Focus or Vision
  • Lack of Common Understanding and Alignment on Values, Beliefs, and Expectations

No matter what reason your organisation needs culture transformation, the professional coaches, facilitators, and trainers at Kun are prepared to guide your people through it.


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