Is your organisation optimising the talents of today’s managers to grow tomorrow’s leaders?

When a competent manager learns coaching skills, the transformation to leadership begins. This hybrid coach-manager possesses the knowledge and tools to develop people and strengthen teams, which becomes an invaluable asset for sustained growth.

Why do successful organizations invest in coach training for managers?

  • Outsourced coach training remains a cost-effective talent development tool (no capital investment or extensive training required for your HR team)
  • Mid-level manager coach training fosters a culture of resourcefulness, understanding, and conflict resolution
  • Investment in mid-level talent enhances leadership in organization
  • Employee engagement soars within a coaching culture*

*65% of employees in companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged, according to research conducted in 2014 by Human Capital Institute on Building a Coaching Culture.

Savvy organisations invest in talent development programs for promising staff members, and Kun offers a variety of coaching, mentoring, and trainings solutions to equip your managers to grow into leaders.

Expect these kinds of results in your managers after completing Kun’s coach training programs:

  • Increased understanding of their own challenges around managing, training and supporting their employees (so employees have a self-aware model of healthy habits and attitudes)
  • Functional awareness of the coaching process and practices (so your manager knows how to use what he or she has learned when they get back to work)
  • Skilful communication with employees to identify different needs and objectives (so team members enjoy greater job satisfaction)
  • Ability to inspire cooperation and accountability in their employees (so teams perform at their highest levels)
  • Deft delivery of uncomfortable information (so bad news is met with positive action)
  • Competence in both giving and receiving constructive criticism (so employees feel comfortable opening a dialogue about difficult problems)
  • Sharpened skills from the habit of on-going learning practices (so your employee grows in value to your organisation over time)

Do you want to grow the leadership talent among your organisation’s managers?


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