Samer Hassan, MCC

Samer Hassan, MCC

About Samer Hassan, MCC

As a multilingual Egyptian-Italian, I have lived and worked on 4 continents and in 3 languages English, Arabic and Italian. Crossing cultures, traditions, and beliefs. For 15 years, I have developed individuals and leaders, brought cohesiveness to teams, and trained/mentored coaches. My passion to study all the major theories and the neuroscience of expanding the human potential, supported by a 30-year dedication to learning martial arts, helped me realise that the quickest and most powerful route to profound transformation is through leveraging the mind-body connection. This realisation inspired me to develop “Somatic Thinking” an experiential coaching methodology to transform physical awareness into a valuable asset in coaching and in leadership. I am honored to be the only native Arabic speaker worldwide who obtained the MCC (Master Certified Coach), the highest credential level in the world by the International Coach Federation. One of the only 20 MCC coaches who operate in the Middle East, Gulf region, Africa, and Europe. I currently reside in Italy, serving my clients in stages, conference centers and training rooms around the world, as well as through on-demand virtual training through my website.

December 2017

November 2017


  This is the story of a journey that I am currently on. It started with my concerns as a parent and led me to an ongoing journey that connected my past as a martial arts teacher, to my present as a father and a professional leadership coach, to my future as a catalyst to bring about a brighter future, through transforming the family culture, one family at a time. If you are a parent, this story will definitely interest you. If you are a coach, you may find the step-by-step process that I used to create a culture transformation program interesting. Read More...

October 2017

If you truly want to know, all knowledge must go!

Being certain and claiming that you know exactly who you are and what you want, is a handicap belief, that will limit you from being curious to learn more about yourself and develop a more spacious identity. This is the first step in your journey to overcome your identity crises and rebuild a sound one, one that can thrive with the changes of life... Read More...

The ultimate guide to knowing yourself and building a healthy identity

One of the most common challenges that people have in the time we are living in is when a person feel lost or uncertain about her/his own identity. What does having an identity crisis mean? What are the symptoms of having an identity crisis? Do you have it or could have it? Why does identity crisis happen? How can we overcome an identity crisis? Read More...

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