Authenticity is about being honest and real with yourself first and then with others.

Remember that time when someone told you something that made you feel uncomfortable and you said nothing? You were not authentic to yourself then! You didn’t need to fight with that person to be authentic. You just needed to express your discomfort somehow to be authentic.

Now, remember that abusive relationship that you had? Yep, the exhausting, blood-sucking, emotional vampire one that you couldn’t kick out of your life. What allowed such creature to exist and feed on you, was that it had no boundaries built by you!

You created this creature!

Through a vicious cycle that starts with you not being honest with yourself, not expressing your discomfort and not letting the person know when is she/he hurting you, will inevitably lead to transforming that person into a vampire who feeds on your comfort in favor of his comfort.

Authenticity will transform you into the vampire slayer that you need to kick these bloodsuckers out of your life.


  • How many vampires need to be slain in your life?
  • What is the #1 challenge facing you to slay them?

Ps: It would be amazing if you can share some vampire stories here.