No matter what Martial art you practice. No matter why you practice it. No matter who you are leading. No matter why you became a leader.


It’s not about winning or losing. It’s not about offending or being offended. It’s simply about listening to the other person to understand who she/he is. It is also about expressing who you truly are to the other person. You may sometimes think that what matters is accomplishing the task, you know to win the game! I invite you to remember that the real game the one that truly matters is to connect to people building relationships of trust and understanding.


Calm your mind, feel your body and slowly start feeling the other person’s body, energy, and emotions. The mind can travel between past, present, and future. Unlike the mind, the body lives only in the present moment, so when you connect to your body you will anchor yourself to what is happening now and not what once happened or what may happen.


If you managed to connect the body you will be liberated from the limiting boxes that you live in. Your unhealthy attachment to your form, your master or your school lineage can become a box. Your worries about your image, how you would be judged, your gender or your age is a box. Your fear of showing your emotions is a box.


Freeing your body from the shackles of the mind will activate your intuition and free your heart from the limitations of the ego.

 Give your body the lead to liberate yourself from the limiting boxes of your mind!

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In this video, I am sparring with a fellow martial artist to practice the above narratives. If you are a fellow martial artist, who lives near Rome and would like to practice with me contact me.