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Coach Sara Samir – HAYAH

I am a simple person who loves to connect with people, a person who believes that authenticity is the key to living a fulfilling life. I have played several roles in my life, but the ones that shaped me the most were, first, the mother role of 20 years old twin daughters, this role taught me and is still teaching and nourishing within me the value and energy of giving and loving unconditionally.


The second role was entering corporate life at the age of 18, working in Human Resources for 25 years to date, this role kept alive within me the value of connection, support, justice, and humbleness. Until I started my coaching journey in early 2019, when I first met the Master Coach Samer Hassan, Samer’s authenticity, humanity, simplicity, and presence caught my attention, and made me very curious to explore the coaching world, dreaming to be such a peaceful and present person. My coaching journey started with KUN and every day I grow beyond my dreams. I discovered with KUN’s Somatic Thinking Methodology that coaching does not mean I need to learn more, on the contrary, coaching means I need to learn less “Release the Excess”. Somatic Thinking was a rebirth for me.

Rebirth of an authentic, liberated human being who is aware and accepts the light and dark within her, believing that her humanity is enough. For me coaching is more than competencies, certificates, and achievements, it a lifestyle that feeds all the roles that I live every day. “The Human is the Coach, and the Coach is the Human”.


I was certified by KUN, Module 1 and 2 of Somatic Thinking Coach training program and practices as well as the KUN Group Coaching Program. Currently, I am progressing towards finalizing my PCC certification with the ICF. Furthermore, I have been selected to be a Support Coach on Samer Hassan’s English programs, as well as part of KUN’s mentoring team. My mission as a mentor is to expand the coach’s awareness of their relationship to coaching, what it feeds within them, and their skills and areas of development.

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